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Creating responsible societies

We are working on a clean and sustainable society  

This theme revolves around a clean and sustainable society. With the Responsible Societies Impact Programme, we are working towards circularity, energy transitions, climate change and sustainability. In doing so, we contribute to an enterprising, healthy and sustainable society that reuses its raw materials.

Sustainable Development Goals

In our programme, we make complex issues in the area of sustainability clear, appealing and comparable. These include those between the urban region of the Randstad region in the western part of the country and the rural border region of Twente in the east. We also design and evaluate possible solutions. These are broadly linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Robust research network

We work from a multidisciplinary perspective and combine a broad, social, scientific approach of environmental policy, behavioural economics, cultural anthropology, business administration and design with engineering and technology. For all this, we are developing a robust research network and will work together with civil society organisations, companies, NGOs, policy makers and citizens. 


  • Focus areas

    In the realisation of evolving societal challenges, new focus areas have been defined, extending to broad interdisciplinary that includes:  

    • Urban climate: nature-based solutions for livable future-proof cities
    • Responsible use of natural resources: sustainable extraction, use and recycling of natural resources.
    • Natural hazards & impacts on society: mitigation and adaptation strategies
    • Net-zero emissions: technologies for achieving net-zero emissions.
    • Teaching in Earth, environmental, climate and sustainability sciences 
  • More information

    Would you like to know more about this impact programme? Please contact Peter Chemweno, Mark van der Meijde or Sander Veraverbeke. We would be happy to help you.