Research projects 2023

Two universities. One ambition. More social impact.
  • Systems analysis brings applications from the lab to the classroom

    In the course System Analysis, VU and UT students Mechanical Engineering learn the dynamics of mechanical and electronic systems. This project brings real-world applications from the research lab to the classroom within several undergraduate projects. The setup used for this purpose consists of mechanical, electrical, optical and software components, making it a good example of a mechatronic system. In the first project, students are diving into the next generation of molecular clocks and time and frequency distributions. These will lead to a quantum leap in industries, with applications such as smart highways and automated driving. In the second project, students focus on developing increased material efficiency in laser-based manufacturing processes. This process offers the possibility of repairing devices so their lifespan will be extended and waste reduced.

    Research title

    ‘System Analysis meets high-tech applications – bringing research applications into the classroom’

    Researchers involved

    Maximilian Beyer
    Matthias Feinaeugle


    Maximilian Beyer,