VU – UTNews & agendaNewsSuccessful VU-UT working visit with CreaTe in the spotlight

Successful VU-UT working visit with CreaTe in the spotlight

An app that gives young people a personalised tour of the Rijksmuseum after some swiping back and forth, a talking computer that looks up the right wine for you and a dishwasher that rewards you if you use it well and a hammock in which physically handicapped people can rock back and forth. At the CreaTe (Creative Technology) Demo Market during the VU-UT Working Visit on 18 April, there was plenty of evidence of what students are already capable of halfway through their first year of study.

"...whether it wouldn't be an idea to ..."

CreaTe, UT's second branch at VU Amsterdam, was in the spotlight this day. During the plenary launch, programme director Alma Schaafstal outlined in detail how the programme had come about, from the first email "...whether it wouldn't be an idea to ...", to the arrival of the first batch of students in September. In doing so, she thanked all 80 colleagues involved at VU Amsterdam and UT who continued to believe in the programme despite all the ups and downs that come with such a complicated process. A video was also presented, in which two freshmen talk about why they chose CreaTe in Amsterdam.

Surprising results and external funding

Margrethe Jonkman, chairperson of the Executive Board of VU Amsterdam, gave an overview of the state of affairs of the Alliance. In doing so, she showed that the collaboration is demonstrably succeeding in attracting the untapped potential in the Amsterdam region and the province of Noord Holland to do technical education. Meanwhile, work is also underway on branch offices of VU Amsterdam at the UT. Furthermore, some 40 joint research projects have been honoured in two years, leading to surprising results and winning external funding. And of course, the working visit was an excellent opportunity - after all the Team and Zoom meetings - to meet live once again.