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Creative Technology starts in Amsterdam

VU Amsterdam has added a new study programme: Creative Technology (CreaTe), a bachelor programme offered jointly by the VU and the UT. The festive opening lecture took place on Monday 4 September, at which a large delegation from the UT was attending. Over 50 first-year students were welcomed by professor Antske Fokkens. At the opening, a number of students were asked why they chose CreaTe in Amsterdam.

Sidney van der Werd

‘I came to the open day of the VU to find out more about Mechanical Engineering, but then I saw a stand of CreaTe and started to ask for some more information.’ This interest grew after he attended a lecture and, after much deliberation, he decided to go for CreaTe. ‘I like the idea of resolving things in a different way with other students, of thinking creatively, of not going for one simple solution, but trying to come up with multiple solutions. That’s what makes this study broad.’ Choosing for Amsterdam is practical. He would like to continue living at home and then Twente is too far. He finds the Amsterdam-Twente combination ideal and the train journey with fellow students has been very pleasant so far. He does not yet know what he will do with his study. ‘I'll do a study that I like and then a job that suits me will come along automatically.’

Marit van der Loos

Last academic year, Marit studied Illustration at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. ‘I noticed that I missed the technical background and the challenge there.’ She decided to look for a study where the combination of creativity and technology does exist. ‘I had heard a few things about CreaTe in secondary school. I started googling the word creative a lot and then it became increasingly clear that CreaTe was something for me.’ Marit chose Amsterdam because she lives in Utrecht. ‘Besides, I think Amsterdam is a very nice city with lots of different people.’ The study seems fantastic to her. ‘I'm most looking forward to brainstorming, creating and resolving problems together with other students. That's really unique.’ What does she want to do after getting her bachelor's degree? She does not yet know exactly. ‘But it will definitely have something to do with art and technology.’

Jannik Boettner

Jannik is from Germany, has an international background and has always been taught in English. ‘The Netherlands has more English-language courses than Germany, so I decided to do Media & Information at the University of Amsterdam. I got my bachelor's, but I found it all very theoretical.’ The choice for CreaTe was quickly made. ‘I used to tinker with models as a child and when my friends have technical problems, they always call on me. Besides, this study also works with Fusion 360 and I want to know more about that.’ He does not yet know what he will do with CreaTe in the future. ‘If I come up with something that is so special that I can start my own business with it, I will definitely do that. But I can also very well imagine being an employee somewhere. As long as my work contributes to a better society.’