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Reducing Scope 3 Emissions of Fossil Fuel Companies

The 2022 cohort of the Responsible Societies Coalition seed funding projects has produced its first output.

The project ‘Reducing Scope 3 Emissions of Fossil Fuel Companies; Challenges, Opportunities & Research Gaps’ is focussed on the topic of reducing Scope 3 Emissions of fossil fuel companies. Scope 3 Emissions are all indirect emissions that take place within a company's value chain. Main results of the project are identification of key trends around Scope 3 Emissions in the fossil fuel sector, the identification of a stakeholder network for further research in this area and the identification of different key research questions.

  • Will carbon take-back obligation stand in the way of phasing out fossil fuels?
  • At what level carbon take-back should be organised?
  • How can end-users be held responsible for their indirect emissions?
  • How citizens can be made aware of their personal fossil fuel use and its impacts on the environment?

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