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RISE student team takes off on a high note

Developing re-usable biofuel rockets to clean up space debris. That is the ambitious mission of RISE (Rocketry Innovations and Space Engineering). RISE is a student team from the VU Amsterdam-UT bachelor's programme Mechanical Engineering. The team presented itself on the VU Amsterdam campus with their first test rocket, which was actually launched, to recruit fellow students to join the team.

'We want to become a multidisciplinary UT student team, so that our research becomes a sustainable and multi-year project where new students can work on it all the time with additional support from the UT. Just like the Solar Team focusing on the solar powered racing car,' says team leader Nathan Jacques. RISE already has at least one major supporter. Mirjam van Praag, President of the Executive Board of VU Amsterdam wrote on LinkedIn: 'I am very proud of the Mechanical Engineering students and it is impressive to see what promising innovations the RISE team has already developed.' Van Praag's LinkedIn post received many likes. Including one from Vinod Subramaniam, President of the Executive Board of the UT. So those are already two important supporters for RISE. VU Amsterdam students who want to be part of the enthusiastic RISE team can apply at