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From exoskeletons to crime in the metaverse

The projects that started as a result of the Calls 2022 and 2023 will get a place on the VU-UT website. First of all, the 2022 Calls. The projects are provided with a short text and explanation. What are they about, why are they important, what are they expected to deliver and which researchers are involved? It provides a broad and beautiful sampling of topics from the various coalitions. Diversity bias in training materials, drug-related crime in the Metaverse, climate-resilient cities with blue-green roofs, reduction of Scope 3 Emissions, exoskeletons to aid walking, rowing in Virtual Reality, a Check Tool for academic skills and a minor in Sustainable Energy. The aim is to text all projects before the end of the year.

The projects can be found on the website under the relevant coalitions