VU – UTNews & agendaNewsCreating Secure Societies combines expertise for urgent police issues

Creating Secure Societies combines expertise for urgent police issues

A great step forward was taken by the coalition Creating Secure Societies (CSS) on 28 April. During an online meeting, researchers from VU Amsterdam and UT gathered to discuss social safety issues related to the police.
At the police, a first inventory of urgent issues has taken place. The coalition's research focuses on resilience and security. In general, the challenges for the police are in the areas of undermining, crisis management, polarisation and technology.

Research ideas have been formed

During the online meeting, we looked at which research ideas could emerge from the combination of themes. In break-out sessions, five teams of VU and UT researchers formulated several initial research ideas, including:
     -     research into persons with confused behaviour
     -     research into the security of the police in interaction with citizens
     -     research into the impact of technology on the work of the police.

In a next step, the teams will deliver a concrete research proposal, which has to be ready before the summer. The coalition, together with the police, will then come to final proposals. 

Please help

Are the topics of the Creating Secure Societies coalition also within your area of focus? And do you want to support our coalition with your expertise? Please contact Kim Van Erp (VU) ( and Dr.  Miriam Oostinga (UT) (