VU – UTNews & agendaNewsHighest score for Mechanical Engineering in ‘Universities Guide 2023'

Highest score for Mechanical Engineering in ‘Universities Guide 2023'

The first joint VU Amsterdam-UT bachelor's programme Mechanical Engineering in Amsterdam, scores highest within the field of Mechanical Engineering in the ‘Universities Guide 2023' in terms of student satisfaction.

 The scores for the components Content, Examination and Teachers are the same for ME in Enschede and Amsterdam. The scores of both programmes differ on the components Career Preparation and Atmosphere. Possibly these differences are caused by the widely differing group sizes and the way in which corporate involvement is organised.

Challenging study

With the 2019 launch of ME in Amsterdam, the collaboration between VU Amsterdam and the UT got off to an official, energetic and successful start. The first batch of students in Amsterdam graduated this summer. Also then, there was high praise for the programme. 'It is hard work but also a very challenging study which covers an awful lot .' 'The bond between students and teachers was close. Everyone was always willing to help another person.' 'Mechanical Engineering has been an adventure with highlights and challenges. I have matured tremendously both academically and professionally.'

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