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Working visits 2023

The VU-UT working visit to the University of Twente on Wednesday 22 November 2023 starting at 14.00 hrs. With these semi-annual informal working visits, alternating between Amsterdam and Enschede, we want to strengthen our collaboration and facilitate meetings between VU and UT colleagues.

The programme starts at 13.30 hrs with a reception in the atrium of the Ravelijn building, where Vinod Subramaniam (President Executive Board UT) and Margrethe Jonkman (Presidents Executive Board VU) will welcome you. In the afternoon (14:30 - 16:00 hrs), direct colleagues (counterparts) can make their own arrangements for meetings or other activities.

At 16.00 hrs poster presentations will be held in the atrium of the Ravelijn building: a rich and inspiring overview of research and education projects within the Alliance VU-UT. Some projects have been realised already; others are still being worked on. The colleagues involved will present their poster themselves and there will be many opportunities for a meet-and-match. We will conclude with a joint drink and dinner from 17:30 hrs till 19:00 hrs.

An email has been sent for registration. Mail not received, please contact Amir Ametovic or Maria Mennen.