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New! Creative Technology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

In September 2023 we are planning to start Creative Technology Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The programme has an innovative structure, delivered by lecturers from both VU Amsterdam and the University of Twente.

Most of the lectures you attend will take place in Amsterdam. From time to time, you will travel to Enschede to work on larger projects with students in Twente and to use Twente’s excellent infrastructure and facilities.

Creative Technology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam offers the specialisation Humane by design, that focuses on raising awareness of the impact of technology on human beings and society as a whole. You learn how and why social, political, environmental and economic questions impact your design processes. By reflecting on your own position, you become aware of the significance of the research process in shaping human and nonhuman outcomes in an interconnected environment. You are expected to engage with complexity by reflecting on gender, race, ethnicity, and dis/ability issues.

Are you a typical Creative Technology student?

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, are unafraid to approach people and are you daring? Do you do whatever it takes to take an idea further and are not satisfied until you have found a solution to a problem? They are you well-versed in technology, have a feel for design, and always consider the impact of the end product as the most important factor?

Does this sound like you? You can find more information about the programme at the University of Twente. Are you interested in starting this programma at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam?