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General information about the programme

In the Creative Technology (CreaTe) programme, students work on new smart technologies that contribute to a better future. They develop knowledge and skills on the impact of media and technology on people, design and creative processes. What happens when you add music to a book? How do you visualise data streams? How do you use technology to reduce pain for people with chronic pain? In the programme, students go through the whole creation process in many projects: from mapping the demand to making a working prototype and testing it with users.

CreaTe is a three year bachelor's programme in English taught at the UT and, from September 2023, also at VU Amsterdam. UT students take courses at VU Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam’s students have UT's high-tech labs at their disposal for practical assignments and projects.

Students on CreaTe

'Together with students from Stanford University, I researched how to improve a well-known professional video conferencing system. We conducted a user study, held interviews and built a prototype. Incredibly fun and very informative.'

Zoë Meijer

Students on CreaTe

‘The most fun project was ‘Working and Living Tomorrow’ in which a client came with the request to let a person experience the feeling of flying. We built our own 3D environment, Unity, a platform to build your own games, and linked it to 3D glasses.'

Maaike Keurhorst


Teachers on CreaTe

'At CreaTe, students learn how to conduct experiments and simulations, develop 3D visualisations and turn ideas into a test model. CreaTe is a real challenge and adventure for students and teachers. You can fill in a lot of things yourself and there is a lot of room to experiment.'

Edwin Dertien

Teachers on CreaTe

'I like the general atmosphere of CreaTe. It is lively, colourful, creative and productive. CreaTe people are not afraid to try new things, learn and discover. I want to support students on their individual journeys and enjoy using my user-centric perspective to develop meaningful products.'

Andrea Papenmeijer

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Studying CreaTe?

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