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Are you brimming with creative ideas? Or perhaps you have the kind of mind that’s hard-wired for technology? Either way, we have the perfect Bachelor’s programme for you! Creative Technology (CreaTe) is a programme where creativity and technology come together to produce the smartest technical solutions designed to help make society better.

As a Bachelor’s student in Creative Technology, you will learn to develop and deploy the latest smart technology to equip society with solutions that pave the way to a brighter future. Working on a wide range of projects, you will develop technical knowledge and skills, alongside expertise on how media and technology impact people, design and creative processes. Building on extensive knowledge from computer science and electrical engineering, you will engage in all aspects of the creative process: from identifying demand to developing a working prototype and testing it with users.

You choose: create in Enschede or Amsterdam?

Thanks to a unique collaboration, from September 2023 you will be able to take the CreaTe programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam or the University of Twente in Enschede. 

Curious about exactly what CreaTe has to offer? Dive into the curriculum of this three-year Bachelor’s programme at both universities: 

Why choose which location? Below we have compiled a brief overview to help you contrast and compare the two CreaTe universities. Our tip: visit the Open Days – online or in person – at both universities and discover which location is the one for you.  



You want to study at a large, broad-based university in Amsterdam with a wide range of postgraduate programmes.

You will study at a university of technology that offers an extensive range of technical postgraduate degrees and specialisations.

You are keen to live and study in the Dutch capital, a diverse metropolis buzzing with creativity and culture.

You will live and study on a small-scale campus renowned for education with a personal touch. The woodland campus has an appealing small-town feel: you will find everything you need to study, play sports and generally enjoy life.

The Humane by Design elective holds a strong appeal for you. This course is also open to UT students but is taught in Amsterdam.

The Interactive Media and Smart Technology electives hold a strong appeal for you. These electives are also open to VU students, but are taught in Enschede.

You live in or near Amsterdam and would rather not relocate.

You live in or near Enschede and would rather not relocate. Room rates are lower than in Amsterdam.

Most of your classes will be in Amsterdam, but you will also enjoy spending a few days each month at the high-tech labs on the Enschede campus, working with UT students on larger projects.

Your studies will be almost entirely based in Enschede and you will make use of the research labs on the Enschede campus. From your second year, you can choose to take electives in Amsterdam. 

Dates open days

Ask your questions about Creative Technology at the universities’ Open Days! The University of Twente and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are holding their Open Days – online and offline – on the dates below: 




Bachelor Open Days

22 & 23 March 2024

Enschede (on-campus)

University of Twente


10 April 2024

Amsterdam (on-campus)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Live creativity. Do technology.

If your brain is always buzzing with ideas, theories and challenges that demand solutions, we have the perfect Bachelor’s programme for you. Specially designed for creative minds with a gift for getting to the heart of a problem, making the right connections and getting the job done, whatever it takes. And since ‘whatever it takes’ usually involves climbing a mountain of technology these days, you should be able to take that in your stride too.

Live technology. Do creativity.

Do your eyes light up at the thought of electrical engineering, data, digital solutions and other high-tech adventures? Then our new Bachelor’s programme will set your world on fire. This degree is especially for people like you, who live and breathe technology. And who understand better than anyone how society depends on it. For experts who not only keep their tech knowledge up to date, but also nurture the creative spirit to reinvent it again and again. Knowing that this is what it takes to solve the challenges of today.

Creative Technology. A pretty impactful degree.

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