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Are you brimming with creative ideas? Or perhaps you have the kind of mind that’s hard-wired for technology? Either way, we have the perfect Bachelor’s programme for you! Creative Technology (CreaTe) is a programme where creativity and technology come together to produce the smartest technical solutions designed to help make society better.

As a Bachelor’s student in Creative Technology, you will learn to develop and deploy the latest smart technology to equip society with solutions that pave the way to a brighter future. Working on a wide range of projects, you will develop technical knowledge and skills, alongside expertise on how media and technology impact people, design and creative processes. Building on extensive knowledge from computer science and electrical engineering, you will engage in all aspects of the creative process: from identifying demand to developing a working prototype and testing it with users.


Choosing between Amsterdam and Enschede for your studies brings you face to face with two distinct, enriching environments, each with its unique offerings and opportunities. Here’s a glimpse into what makes each city a compelling choice for your academic journey.



1. Study at a broad university with a wide range of follow-up programs.

1. Study at a technical university with a specialised range of follow-up programs.

2. The VU Campus offers you a city within a city; here, you'll find everything you need to study, engage in sports and enjoy your free time. Personal and small-scale education at a fixed location, yet within the dynamic setting of a large city.

2. Your study and living space is the unique campus where you receive personal and small-scale education. The UT campus offers everything a small city would: everything you need to study, engage in sports and enjoy your free time. Also, the room prices are lower than in Amsterdam.

3. Your study is centered in Amsterdam: capital of the Netherlands, full of creativity and culture.

3. Your study is centered in Enschede on an American style campus in green surroundings, yet close to the city. 

4. 80% of your classes take place in Amsterdam, but you’ll travel a few days each month to the high-tech labs on the campus in Enschede to work on large projects.

4. Your study is entirely in Enschede, making use of the research labs on the campus in Enschede. From the second year, you can choose to take elective courses in Amsterdam.

5. The elective course "Humane by Design" greatly appeals to you. This course is also available to UT students but is taught in Amsterdam.

5. The elective course "Interactive Media and Smart Technology" greatly appeals to you. This course is also available to VU students but is taught in Enschede.

Curious about exactly what CreaTe has to offer?

Explore the curriculum of this three-year Bachelor's program at both universities:

Our tip:

Visit the Open Days – online or in person – at both universities and discover which location is the one for you.  


Visiting the Open Days of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the University of Twente, is a great opportunity to find out more about Creative Technology, experience both locations, and ask all your questions to current students. Or, how about being a CREATE student for a day? Sign up now:


Are you not able to join one of our study choice activities in person? Get a glimpse of Creative Technology by watching the video or you can also meet up with current CreaTe-student online


Live creativity. Do technology.

If your brain is always buzzing with ideas, theories and challenges that demand solutions, we have the perfect Bachelor’s programme for you. Specially designed for creative minds with a gift for getting to the heart of a problem, making the right connections and getting the job done, whatever it takes. And since ‘whatever it takes’ usually involves climbing a mountain of technology these days, you should be able to take that in your stride too.

Live technology. Do creativity.

Do your eyes light up at the thought of electrical engineering, data, digital solutions and other high-tech adventures? Then our new Bachelor’s programme will set your world on fire. This degree is especially for people like you, who live and breathe technology. And who understand better than anyone how society depends on it. For experts who not only keep their tech knowledge up to date, but also nurture the creative spirit to reinvent it again and again. Knowing that this is what it takes to solve the challenges of today.

Creative Technology. A pretty impactful degree.