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City and Nature workshop: we are greening the city

Do you have green fingers and live in the city? Or are you a scientist, business manager or urban planner with a passion for guerrilla gardening? Then come to the workshop 'City and Nature: we are greening the city' in Amsterdam om 12 April. Representatives from education and research, business, government and civil society organisations will then engage in a conversation about inclusive green cities. The workshop is organised by researchers from the Responsible Societies coalition.

Tile-swapping, tomatoes on the roof and moss on your wall. How do you ensure more urban nature? The city wants to go green because it is good for water management, temperature management and air quality. But who can afford a green roof and how much work does a green wall take?

Green buildings are expensive and inconvenient for many people, while the benefits may not be immediately tangible. Researchers from the Responsible Societies coalition therefore set out to find accessible green solutions that benefit everyone. A workshop on this topic will take place on Friday 12 April.

During the workshop, we will explore creative ideas such as green modules, tile crops and subsidies that city residents can purchase or apply for themselves in presentations and round-table discussions. The programme also includes presentations on resident collectives and citizen participation for the green city and a tour of a green roof at the VU in Amsterdam.

The workshop will take place at the Botanische Tuin Zuidas, Van der Boechorststraat 8, 1081 BT Amsterdam on Friday 12 April from 10.00 AM to 3.30 PM. Please register in advance with Marina Bosman: